An Apology to Mr. Rizal’s Ghost

This is not a Jose Rizal Blog, it’s just an ecletic mix of views and experiences of someone who lives in the Philippines. The current focus on Constantino’s Veneration Without Understanding is a bit of an anomaly but it is time for a re-evaluation.

That said, I owe the ghost of Mr. Jose Rizal an apology. In my book, Hang The Dogs, with a tongue in cheek, I described Rizal as ‘practicing medicine without a licence.” It is one of the few factual erros in those nearly 500 pages. In fact Rizal was a licentiate, which was paid for by Llorente, who became Governor of Samar under the American regime and who, in fact, got Josephine Bracken and Rizal together. So, Rizal WAS licensed to practice medicine, he just had not been awarded a Doctorate. So he wasn’t a Doctor, he was a doctor. In his lifetime, Rizal was not a Doctor but was licensed to practise medicine. This is of course, a different issue from putting in the P, for Protacio, an error almost as common as the wrong beat of the national anthem (Watch the Manny Pacquia fights for an example of how NOT to sing the national anthem – it’s a march not a kudiman!). So Rizal was a Mr. not a Dr.

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