New Book – Chew The Dogs

If you enjoy Bob’s writings you’ll enjoy his new book, Chew The Bones: Maddog Essays On Philippine History, Bob Couttie’s third book,now available on Amazon.

Says the blurb: “Take a time-travelling journey of a thousand years of adventure and romance as you explore the unknown highways, byways and strange ways of an almost forgotten world. Dip into a unique, eye-opening collection of true stories they didn’t tell you at school. In this world slaves get benefits worthy of a corporate highflier. A redhaired hard-to-handle Hong Kong-born Irish teenager marries a man determined to change his country’s destiny. England’s Queen Victoria is given the world’s most expensive wedding dress, made by Filipinos. The last cavalry charge in American history begins with a hangover as the first Japanese bombs drop on the Philippines. A Scots-American widow find a new purpose protecting and building lives for the indigenous Aeta people of the Zambales Mountains.”

A review says: “Bob Couttie writes with an absorbing, lively sense of fun, fascination and scrupulous research. You come away from this book with a feeling for the romance and adventure that made, and is making, the Philippines what it is today.”

It is available immediately from Amazon here

If you live in the Philippines, a special low-cost edition is available and you can get a personalised signed copy for just 300 pesos

To order one, email

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