Fixing the Ubuntu Huawei E106E curse

If you’ve ever tried to get a Huawei E160E working with Ubuntu, succeeded, then been faced with futzing around all over again when you update Ubuntu, there may be a simple answer: instal Wammu.

The history of this is that while still working with Windoze I found I needed two wireless modems, one, a ZTE MF626 for Smart bro and a Huawei E160E with Globe, to cover the patchy coverage. I then got the Huawei unlocked so I could use both SIMs in the same modem.

Fast forward, I switched to Ubuntu on my laptop to discover that it recognised the ZTE modem but not the Huawei. That locked me into Smart Bro, which is unusable in Upper Cubi, SBFZ where I spend a lot of time with a client.

I did discover that if I started up my laptop with both modems plugged in, both would show under network manager. A bit inconvenient but it worked.

I then decided to install Wammu so that I could send and received texts like a cellphone. Having installed Wammu and configured it to recognise the Huawei E160E I found, whoopee, Ubuntu now recognised the modem under network manager without a problem.

So, if you don’t want to mess around with usb_modeswitch files installing Wammu might be the answer.

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