Interrogating Tallano – Is the Philippines the richest country in the world? Part 4

Many, if not most people, think that the Spanish language first appeared in the Philippines with the arrival of Magellan on the Island of Cebu in the early 16th century. In fact the first known Spanish speaker in the islands was a slave called Pazeculan. Since the Filipinos of the time were keen on slave raiding and trading and there was a Spanish presence in South East Asia, including Spanish Muslims escaping from the Peninsula after the fall of Muslim rule with Reconquista just a few decades before Magellan’s arrival in the Philippines and the banning of Islam in Spain.

Of more relevance to our swim through history is the man he belonged to: Prince Aceh of Tondo, the man the Spanish thought ruled the whole of Luzon, until they got to Manila, long after the remains of the Magellan expedition seized Aceh’s boat off Brunei and held him to ransom.

Aceh is better known as Rajah Matanda, who ruled Manila along with Rajah Suleyman. Another ruler held Tondo, Lakadula. This triumvirate controlled the Tagalog regions around Manila.
When Legaspi arrived in Manila he discovered that far from being king of Luzon, Aceh was just one of several datus and assorted local luminaries ruling the island.

He is the only King of Luzon referred to in any Spanish documents and clearly on;y ruled an area around Manila.

So, no validated Spanish era records of a king who ruled the whole of Luzon, nor in any pre-hispanic Chinese records like the rutters, nothing in the accounts by the friars who were all over the Philippines like cockroaches in a dirty kitchen.


All that remains is the OCT 01-4 document, and it necessarily follows that if that if fake then every document derived from it must be fake.

Unfortunately, the whole Tallano tale is littered with ridiculously faked documents, including supposed Global Certificated of Immunity, a particularlyrisible example is shown at the top of thispost,  and a treasure dated 1988 that pulls in Queen Elizabeth the Second co-signing a document with Ronald Reagan and Ferdinand Marcos two years after Marcos had been kicked out of the Philippines and was in Hawaii. These make it difficult to accept any document used in support of the Tallano claims seriously.

Oddly, much of the Tallano claims centre around the Marcoses, including the Deuterium hoax that appears aimed at suckering overseas Filipinos into investing in a non-existent, scientifically impossible, deposit at the bottom of the Philippine Trench, all of which is owned by Imelda Marcos. At least so she claims.

Few terms link the Tallano claims with Marcos more than the tribe or Kingdom of Maharlika.

Let’s go there next.

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