Interrogating Tallano – Is the Philippines the richest country in the world? Part 5

So far, we have determined that two key claims of the Tallano story have no basis in the historical record. There is no record of a Hacienda Filipina nor of a king who ruled the whole of Luzon.

This is not looking good.

Now let’s deal with another common thread in the Tallano story, one which firmly connects it with Ferdinand Marcos, the Marcos wealth, and the Astonishing claims that the Tallanos loaned a massive quantity of gold to the Vatican which it gave to Hitler to prosecute World War II, a deal allegedly negotiated by Ferdinand Marcos as a young lawyer in the mid-1930s.

Maharlika, depending on which version you read was a tribe in Luzon, the original name of the Philippines or a class of noble royalty. None of these interpretations are known to history nor mentioned in any contemporary documents, whether pre-hispanic Chinese rutters or Spanish records, nor the records of friars who tried to collect every bit of data they could find about the Philippines.

Mahalika was a favourite concept of Ferdinand Marcos. He named his WW2 blackmarketing operation after it, pretending it was a guerrilla unit fighting the Japanese. He even proposed changing the name of the Philippines to Maharilika, unaware that it comes from a root meaning ‘Big penis’ and fondly believed that the word indicated royal nobility, inherited nobility, which presumably indicated his desire for a monarchic dynasty.

Marcos’s knowledge of his nation’s history was, to put it gently, less than might be desired.

In Tagalog regions the term for royal nobility was Maginoo.

Was the Philippines or even just Luzon ever known as ‘Maharlika’?

Was there ever a tribe called Maharlika?


Was there a class of royal nobility called Maharlika?

So, what was ‘Maharlika’? It was a warrior class of free- or freed- men subservient to the ruling nobility but were not themselves nobles. Their class was not hereditary, as nobility actually is. They were required to go to war when the ruling datu told them to and got a few favours in return.

So, no land, tribe or class of royal noble called Maharlika for the Tallanos to be descended from.

So, let’s turn out attention to the most important document in the Tallano canon, the only alleged evidence underlying its fundamental claims: OCT 01-4. What does that tell us?

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