Tallano – A Momentary Diversion

The consistency of impossible, misleading and fraudulent documents offered in support of the Tallano fraud, and there can be no other word for it,  seems to be the only consistent thing about them. While engaged in debating the problems of the entire Tallano story this photograph was shown by a Tallano proponent. Not only is the caption false but it does a real disservice to genuine Philippine history and two real figures important to the nation’s story.

Here is the photograph with the caption as provided:

You are invited to find a salakot, a traditional Philippine hat, golden or otherwise in this photograph. In fact, every person in ethnic dress is wearing a turban, of the kind traditionally worn in Mindanao.  You are looking for something similar to this but in gold:

Matbe it would be easierr to find with a better quality image. Like this scan of the original:

Still no salakot, ‘di ba? That’s because the people in ethnic dress are from Mindanao. While looking for non-existent salakots and noticing distinctly Muslim dress you may not have been paying attention to what Manuel Quezon is wearing. He is wearing a white suit, as are all those not in ethnic dress. On the day of Quezon’s inauguration, he wore a tail-coat. Here he is taking his oath of office:

The photograph, taken when Quezon was a senator, has its own adventurous story: it was among documents scheduled for burning as Japanese forces moved across Mindanao in WW2. However, it was saved from the flames and hidden carefully until after the war. It was then sent to the Quezon family and is now part of the Quezon family collection.

The ‘golden salakot’ photograph was not taken during Quezon’s inauguration. It was actually taken in the 1920s.

There is no Golden Salakot, no Prince Tallano in this photograph, but genuine historical figures who actually existed and helped shape the nation.


The Tallano Gold Fraud




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