The Tallano Gold Fraud

As we have seen, not a single document supports the Tallano claims which underpin its claims to own the Philippines, except the Marcos-ruled parts. Each one has proven a deliberate and anachronistic fraud, or simply does not support the Tallano claims in any way. So far this is simply a real estate scam which the Tallanos used to get money out of people for property they did not own. More recently, the Tallanos have used their fraudulent documents to ‘explain’documents to support their contention that Ferdinand Marcos made his vast fortunes from a gold deal between the Tallanos and the Vatican rather than from thieving the national treasury of the Philippines and, in doing so, destroying the nation’s economy.

Tallano proponents have carefully avoided validating their documents through a forensic document examiner nor a historian familiar with the period. Until they choose to submit their documents to such examination there is no cause to accept their presentations related to the Vatican borrowing money as any more truthful than any other document they have presented.

So, all that is left is to establish whether it is reasonable that the Tallanos possessed 720,000 tonnes of gold, of which they loaned 640,000 tonnes to the Vatican so that Hitler could finance World War 2. They do not explain why the Vatican should borrow the gold, how the gold was transported, nor any rational reason why Hitler should have been given anything by the Vatican.

To understand the enormity of this amount of gold, consider the vaults of the Bank of England, which contain about 20 percent of the world’s gold bullion on behalf of several governments, some 5,000 tonnes worth in the region of $250 billion. Is it reasonable that the Tallanos possess 140 times the gold in the Bank of England, 28 times more gold than held in bullion worldwide?

The second issue is the pure weight of the gold. Where in the Philippines could such an amount be stored? Manila’s soggy substrate is unlikely to be able to handle that concentration of weight in a small space.

A third issue is that tranferring that amount of gold would have taken a fleet of the largest cargo vessels of the largest capacity of the time, under massive armed guard, to the other side of the world, without anyone noticing.

Fifth, the gold would only have been helpful if Hitler could monetise it so he could actually spend the money. Something he could hardly have done with no-one knowing.

So how did Hitler’s Germany finance its war. Well, by a build, build, build policy based on borrowing and by coincidence, launched a war when the loans became due which enabled it to expropriate the infrastructure. Hitler also co-opted the wealthy elite and made them even richer. He did not need to borrow from the Vatican or anyone else.

So, is it likely that Marcos made his fortune by being the go-between in a deal that involved non-existent gold in a non-existent deal using non-existent gold owned by a non-existent Philippine monarchy?

It is clearly drivel.












23 thoughts on “The Tallano Gold Fraud

  1. agreed! It is preposterous.
    I hadn’t even heard of such a claim before. Very informative! You have a wonderful blog ❤

  2. 720,000 tons?

    That would take Muruntau, the biggest gold producing mine in the world more than 11,800 years to mine.

  3. Fraud and lies , i have in my position or collection the picture of the so called first wife of marcos the princess ofAustria i bought from the flee market for a dollar. I was able to search whose this pretty lady with hat that was claimed to be the first wife of pres. Marcos ,and there she is she looks like marie antoinette the queen of france

      1. nd such a wedding would have been highly newsworthy,of international interest and reported in every newspaper of record. I look forward to youy sharing those clippings with us.

      2. That, too, is a fake claim. It is intended to conceal Marcos’s massive theft and corruption. We will be.covering that in due course

      1. I also saw the picture of the woman who was allegedly the first wife of Marcos in one of the Tallano pages on Facebook. Guess what! It was a picture of a painting by Thomas Gainsborough called The Honourable Mrs. Graham! I guess Lody lara was referring to the same photo that I saw.

  4. Thank you for this. However, you won’t believe sir that there is a lot Filipino who still believe in this bs. They even believe that Marcos is the best president we ever had. Sadly, their mind is already rotten to the core, and full of hatred vs the Aquinos.

    Philippines have so much potential after the world war 2. Marcos slowed our growth too much we are now among the poorest in asia.

    1. Note that the Tallanos have editted in a segment that was not in the original. A million tonnes of gold is five times more than the estimated amount of gold produced in human history. And the value of gold depends on its rarity, So releasing a million tonnes of gold would make it worthless.
      Doesn’t anyone bother to think this through?

  5. It’s not a myth that Philippines has lots of gold. Their ancient history proves it. You can even visit a museum in New York and you can see collections of Philippine gold that they acquired from post Spanish colonization era. Spaniards explorers even wrote journals that native filipinos back then wore clothings embedded with gold. They were all laden with gold from sash, bracelets, necklace, earring, to weapon hilts. They can even see gold as the size of egg nuggets in the river beds. This had been written by Antonio Pigafetta in his journals when he first landed in the Philippine archipelagos as an explorer from his written journal “The First Voyage Around The World” Ancient Philippines used to trade their gold to King Solomon. They called ancient Philippines the isles of Gold, Land Of Ophir/Ofir, Aurea Chersonese when Malaya Peninsula existed in ancient time. The Spaniards were not looking for spicies back then. They were searching for the El Dorado or the land of gold in the far East.

    1. Tallano is a fraud and there is no truth in the silly claim that the Philippines traded with Solomon or was the Kingdom of Ophir. Do not inflict your fake nonsense on this site.
      By the way, spices were worth more than glld then so bang goes your Eldorado.

      1. I cannot argue any veracity to any claim regarding Solomon or the like. But in 2015, there was an exhibit on Philippines gold on display in New York City. It did present some very beautiful artifacts at least that give credit to Filipino artists of the past.

      2. Certainly, the Philippine goldsmiths had great talent. So did African goldsmiths, the most likely location for Ophir, after all, Mustapha Musa, the richest man in history was from there.

      3. I love seeing such things 🙂 Are there any museums in the Philippines that have collections of ancient Filipino artifacts? I am very interested in very early Phil history. Thank you for all you do, your blog is one of those I enjoy the most!

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