Tallano 9















I’m from the north, so i can contribute at least two – la union is a non-existent politically nor as a small town in 1764. It was an amalgamation of small towns culled from ilocos sur, pangasinan and benguet that was formed only in 1850.

2nd, the areas of benguet, ifugao, kalinga and apayao are not separate during that time, but are collectively included as part of mountain province.

3rd, and somewhat telling, is that ilocos norte is not mentioned in the said document, while ilocos sur is. Ilocos norte, of course, is the home province of the marcos clan. Here is someone claiming the entire philippines as his, except one small province in the north that also happens to be the home if the succeeding claimant. How convenient! 😁
Well caught that man! The first country to adopt a metric system was France in 1799, Spain adopted it in 1858, the UK adopted it in 1965.

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