Part 1 – Fraudster Threatens Bob’s Histories And Mysteries

Really, I was not planning to do much more on the Tallano fraud, then I noticed a shared Facebook post from a Ging Inigo on behalf of the fraudulent Bureau of Central Interpol/Interpolcom and its convicted bank fraudster, Mr. Tiburcio Villamor Marcos Tallano. I might have just giggled at the silliness and moved on.

Mr Tallano is one of three operating fraudsters claiming ownership of thousands of tonnes of non-existent gold on the basis of laughably forged documents. The other two main scammers are Julian Mordern Tallano and a ‘Queen’ Salvacion Legaspi, all using much the same fraudlent documents.

A fraudster threatens

Then came the threat.

It is time to reveal the truth about these corrupters of Philippine history with fake tales of non-existent gold.

Mr Tallano has not even earned the gold braid on the military uniforms he likes to photoshop his head onto. It is a fabrication despised by real military personnel and veterans, known as ‘stolen valor‘. He has spent not a single day in any armed forces.

This is the person who walked into Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank in Hong Kong with fake documents and tried to withdraw 90 billion dollars from a non-existent account.

As we shall see, the terms ‘fraudulent’, and ‘fraudster’ are supported by legal documentation and advisories and reports by law enforcement agencies and court reports.

Tiburcio Tallano stands next to Bongbong Marcos, son of the disgraced former Philippines President, Ferdinand E. Marcos. Taken on 10 September 2017.

To those who claim that a foreigner has no right to comment on this matter I say: I am British. These people involved Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, stole the Royal Crest and invoked Britain in their laughably fraudlent OCT 1-04 claim to own almost the entire Philippines.

The fraudlent photoshopped Alpha-Omega ‘coat of arms’
Compare to the genuine Royal coat of arms

That means they involved me.

I will now prove beyond rational doubt, that the organisation attached to Mr Tiburcio Villamor Marcos Tallano are money-making scams, known as early as 1987, and that the fake ‘Prince’ is a dishonorable liar, convicted fraudster, who steals the valour due to others.

Next: How the fraudlent Bureau of Central Intercom scams Filipinos.

10 thoughts on “Part 1 – Fraudster Threatens Bob’s Histories And Mysteries

  1. 1. And there’s more than one of him (his ilk). The fact that this fraudster can continue his activities explains the continued popularity of certain strongmen who shall remain unnamed (oh, you named one).
    2. 90 billion, not million.
    3. Keep it up, Bob!

  2. Make it a full blast in the Philippines because there are so many Victims made by that Alpha Omega group namely: Robert Lachica as known as Prince Robert L. Marcos Talano Tagean IV, Pastor Eugene Martirez as known as Prince James L. Marcos Tallano Tagean, Kenneth Y. YU as Prince Michael L. Marcos Tallano Tagean (Chinese Citizen origin) and lastly Juliet Caburnay as known as Juliet M. Marcos Tallano Tagean.
    notice the Middle Initials. I
    I forward the UN Letter for your COPY.

  3. You should atleast look for the reference in Supreme Court of Justice.
    SC Justices attested and signed the person verifying that he is the Tallano that you are referring to. You can get a copy via access to information request form. Thanks

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