The Interpol Scam – Part 2

Attached to an equally dodgy scam using fraudulent documents, Alpha-Omega, the Bureau of Central Interpol, BCI, scams Filipinos by selling fake identity documents and military ‘ranks’.

Despite claims made on the BCI Facebook page, and the liberal scattering of UN logos on its documents, it is not an attached agency of the UN. You may search for it yourself on the UN’s own website.

Indeed, while trying to pull off a land scam in 2014, Lapu-Lapu City City attorney Yuri Beluan, warned Alpha-Omega: “the absence of authority to use seals and emblems of the United Nations, its organizations and agencies, and of the different instrumentalities of the Philippine government, and the signatures of different government officials will expose them to criminal liability.”

Tallano frauds are characterised by laughable incompetence. A good fake requires attention to details. If one is going to pretend to be connected to Interpol one should at least know how that organisation works, it is obvious that the Bureau of Central Interpol has not the foggiest idea.

Interpol is not an agency of the United Nations. It is not a law enforcement agency. It is an association of national law enforcement agencies that enables, say, the Philippine National Police to co-operate with the Canadian Police to trace wanted criminals across national borders.

Interpol itself has no arrest powers. A national enforcement agency can ask the organisation to issue a Red Notice, which requests that agencies in other countries arrest a wanted transnational criminal be arrested. The arrest is not mandatory and must follow the laws of the country in which an arrest is made.

Whether the arrested person can be deported to the country requesting the arrest will depend on bilateral treaties between the two relevant nations.

There is no such thing as a Bureau Central of Interpol. Each Interpol member state does have a National Central Bureau, which you can learn about here.

The Philippines National Central Bureau is the Philippine Center on Transnational Crime.

Most of my readers are critical thinkers and will, quite rightly, demand evidence that the information I have provided so far is accurate and truthful. Quite right, you should ask that question.

If you consult the BCI Facebook page, you will see that Alpha-Omega, the BCI, and the supposed International Police Commission, Interpolcom, are one and the same organisation. It, therefore, follows that if Interpolcom is a fraudulent enterprise then the rest is also fraudulent.

International Criminal Police Commission was the original name for Interpol. None of the groups using the name are connected to Interpol. None are recognised police organisations in any country.

In 2015, the International Police Commission tried to get consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council, ECOSOC. Its shennigans, however, were busted in a meeting on 25 May that year.

There is, however, an International Police Commission that was granted consultative status to ECOSOC in 2006. It is uncertain which of several such organisations this refers to. We have reached out to ECOSOC for clarification.

One such group, run by a Robert S. Biazon has been implicated in an attempted advance fee fraud, often called a 419 scam, according to this report.

The history of Interpolcom also explains its mission to pretend that former-president Ferdinand Marcos was made rich by non-existent Tallano gold – the Aquino administration spotted their fraud and gave them the bum’s rush.

A group calling itself the International Police Commission wrote to President Aquino in 1987 asking to be given authority to negotiate with the United Nations for financial assistance for the Philippines.

Not being totally dumb, the Office of the President referred the request to the Philippine National Police Commission, NPC, which investigated.

Interpolcom was, said the NPC, a non-profit, non-stock organisation offering salaries, military ranks and fake documents in return for a membership fee of 500 pesos and was engaged in organised illegal activities.

In 2011, six armed members of the fake Interpolcom were arrested trying to access secure areas of Mactan-Cebu International Airport with fake gun-carry permits.

You can read the relevant DILG advisory here.

My other source is a warning issued in 2013 by the Philippine National Police, backed up by the real Interpol NCB in the Philippines, which you can read here.

Once you’ve paid for your membership you’ll get a crudely photoshopped ID photo you can also use as your profile picture on Facebook. All members get the same incompetent photoshop job.

Pay a bit more and you get one of these handsome certificates signed by TVMT himself – his own photo being faked, of course, to pretend he is Commander-in-Chief of the British Army’s Welsh Guards.

Interpolcom has expanded its scam to Australia, supposedly registered in the State of Victoria. This appears to be connected to Robert S. Sison and may not be connected to Tallano.

It’s web domain, has lapsed and is now for sale.

You can purchase a handsome wallet, ID card and a badge.

As well as a posh certificate (You can probably buy cheaper from Aliexpress) . And a uniform.

An additional fraudulent operation that TVMT lays claim to is H-World, which sold counterfeit currency under the guise of a religious cult. President Fidel Ramos ordered it shut down in 1995. Find out more here

Mr Tallano’s H-World ID card, issued in 2011. Someone did not know how to spell Malacanang

Interpolcom came to the attention of the Police in the UK when shopkeeper Amrik Singh was arrest for forgery and possession of police documents. He had secured Interpolcom forgeries from a friend in the Philippines.

At his trial, Interpolcom was described by prosecutors as a ‘subversive paramilitary group’ in the Philippines. Had the documents been shown at an airport they would have triggered a major terrorist alert.

Charges against Mr Singh were later dropped but allowed to lay on file for prosecution if he repeated the offense.

It is hard to come to any other rational conclusion than that BCI and Interpolcom are engaged in fraudulent criminal activities.

Residents in Orange County, California found themselves in hot water and investigated by ICE for possessing fake ‘law enforcement documents from Interpolcom in the Philippines.

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One thought on “The Interpol Scam – Part 2

  1. Thank you for Publicly Posting this Unvirtually self-made and copy-cat organization of alleged 7-Stars Tiburcio Tallano Marcos with his cronies alleged 5-Star General Jinny Pico and henchmen Emilio Chan and Rogelio Abad for claiming to be the owner of HIPC. Another issue is for the guy who claims to be the owner of the International Police Commission, alleged 4- Star General Robert Biazon not only ooerating in the Philippines but also in Europe-Italy. You got a very precised and confirmed datas in exposing the names of these bums but missed the name of Alfredo Bartolome who gave Biazon and Pico the star ranks when Bartolome was still living (after he was kicked out in the IPC Organization for nefarious activities and the Appointment he gave to Biazon and Pico was Null and Void No Authority from the Owner/Founders of IPC and NIPC. The last Persona Non Grata is
    another self styled alleged Commander In Rafael Clarete illegally operating in Sacramento CA USA and had been associated with alleged IPC Japan and now claiming to be President of Mindanao Philippines. He was the guy along with cohorts who attempted to re-register the IPC in the UN ECOSOC under his invalid crooked leadership that had been registered by its Owners/Founders in 2006. Its a long story to tap you all the details as far as the IPC/HIPC and the NIPC was created and establish as a distinct Para Military Organization wayback in 1967 to this point of time. God Bless! And may you find the truth of all these Scammers personalities

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