Fake History and its Dangers – Must Listen

As those of us who study Philippine history know well, fake history, misinformation, and historical errors  are prevalent on social media and even in history textbooks. It is the underpinning of Fool’s Gold: Fake, Fallacy, and Fable in Philippine History.

The BBC has an excellent radio documentary on how these things happen, how they affect national identity, how they corrupt our knowledge of the past, and the dangers that it brings, including death threats to historians themselves.

Do listen to it.

When Greeks Flew Kites: Fake History

One thought on “Fake History and its Dangers – Must Listen

  1. Yes, both this and “historic anecdotes” drive me crazy! People only concentrate on the 1-in-a-million exception to the rule, and think that was the norm in history. It’s aggravating.
    I am so glad you are here to set the record straight Bob! Your blog is the one I look forward to each time.

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