Deuterium – The Hoax That Will Not Die – Part One

After a short hiatus, a 40-year old fraud has recently resurfaced. It claims, without evidence that it is supported by the Philippines current president, Rodrigo Duterte, and, with pseudoscientific ‘evidence’, that of Ferdinand Marcos Junior, known as Bong Bong. It is a fabulous tale of riches that will propel the Philippines into superpower status when deposits of an isotope of hydrogen, called deuterium, is mined from ‘pools’ at the bottom of the Philippine Trench.The scam is so old, getting on for half a decade, that is can certainly be regarded as a part of Philippines history.It is a tale of pseudoscience, greed, and gullibility supported by blatant fabrication that has lasted since the 1980s and continues today.

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TVMT: The Man Who Steals Honor – Part 3

As we have shown, conclusively, the Bureau of Central Interpol/Interpolcom/International Police Commission are organisations involved in illegal activities. Now let us look at Tiburcio Villamor Marcos Tallano, a convicted criminal with a record of bank fraud.

He claims to be a king, yet is monarch of no nation. He claims to own thousands of tonnes of gold but cannot afford his own regalia and has his face photoshopped onto uniforms he is not entitled to wear with awards and qualifications he did not earn.

That alone makes him a fraud.

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The Interpol Scam – Part 2

Attached to an equally dodgy scam using fraudulent documents, Alpha-Omega, the Bureau of Central Interpol, BCI, scams Filipinos by selling fake identity documents and military ‘ranks’.

Despite claims made on the BCI Facebook page, and the liberal scattering of UN logos on its documents, it is not an attached agency of the UN. You may search for it yourself on the UN’s own website.

Indeed, while trying to pull off a land scam in 2014, Lapu-Lapu City City attorney Yuri Beluan, warned Alpha-Omega: “the absence of authority to use seals and emblems of the United Nations, its organizations and agencies, and of the different instrumentalities of the Philippine government, and the signatures of different government officials will expose them to criminal liability.”

Tallano frauds are characterised by laughable incompetence. A good fake requires attention to details. If one is going to pretend to be connected to Interpol one should at least know how that organisation works, it is obvious that the Bureau of Central Interpol has not the foggiest idea.

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Part 1 – Fraudster Threatens Bob’s Histories And Mysteries

Really, I was not planning to do much more on the Tallano fraud, then I noticed a shared Facebook post from a Ging Inigo on behalf of the fraudulent Bureau of Central Interpol/Interpolcom and its convicted bank fraudster, Mr. Tiburcio Villamor Marcos Tallano. I might have just giggled at the silliness and moved on.

Mr Tallano is one of three operating fraudsters claiming ownership of thousands of tonnes of non-existent gold on the basis of laughably forged documents. The other two main scammers are Julian Mordern Tallano and a ‘Queen’ Salvacion Legaspi, all using much the same fraudlent documents.

A fraudster threatens

Then came the threat.

It is time to reveal the truth about these corrupters of Philippine history with fake tales of non-existent gold.

Mr Tallano has not even earned the gold braid on the military uniforms he likes to photoshop his head onto. It is a fabrication despised by real military personnel and veterans, known as ‘stolen valor‘. He has spent not a single day in any armed forces.

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