Miracle Cure For Covid-19 or Fabunan Fable? Part 1

No such report has been published by the Jakarta Post

Update 17 August 2020: Fabunan promoters have been pasting a photoshopped picture of the Front page of the Jakarta Post, Indonesia, to make it appear that the newspaper front-paged Fabunan FAI. The Jakarta Post has no such report.

Update 1 August 2020: Indonesia’s Health Ministry, through the Indonesian Embassy, says that Fabunan has received no approvals for any activity in the country. This explains the absence of Fabunan’s FAI from the country’s database of clinical trials. The Ministry was responding to fact-checking organisation Vera Files.

Update 26 July 2020: FAI promoters now claim that Indonesian authorities have approved a patent for 20 years, following a supposed deal with a government-owned pharmaceutical company. Neither is required to show that FAI works. There is, again, no independent confirmation of these claims. They assume that social media campaigns will force governments to overlook the total lack of clinical evidence to support the alleged benefits of FAI. Requirements for pharmaceuticals approval are here.

Update 22 July 2020: FAI promoters claim that FAI is responsible for recoveries in Indonesia but provide no evidence. Indonesia has just reported its second highest death toll. They also claim it is being sold by an Indonesian state pharmaceutical company to Ab u Dhabi. Again, no independent evidence for this claim.

Update 13 July 2020: The promised trials are a no-show. FAI promoters now say next week. Despite a legal requirement in Indonesia for all clinical trials to be registered, there is no registration for these alleged trials. Promoters now saw that there will be no publication of double-blind, placebo-controlled studies in any peer-reviewed medical journal of note, the minimum requirement for validation and that it will rely entirely on social media marketing.

Update 8 July 2020: Fabunan promoters on social media claim that clinical trial results will be released on Saturday, 11 July 2020.
Update 6 July 2020: Social media posts claim that clinical trial results will be announced this week. However, no such clinical trial;s have been registered with the Indonesian Clinical Trial Registry, indeed, no clinical trials involving Covid-19 are being undertaken.

Update 3 July 2020: A promotional video for Fabunan Antiviral Injection has been banned from Youtube for breaching community standards.  The video claimed that a production deal for FAI was signed in Jakarta. There is no independent confirmation of any such deal, nor of the claimed clinical trials, supposedly involving 20 hospitals in Indonesia.

Update 21 June 2020: It is widely claimed on social media that Fabunan invented and patented Dexamethosone. This is false. It was invented in 1957 by Philip Showalter Hench and approved for medical use in 1961. When one claims that every viral disease that hits the headlines is cured by your brand of jollop, with no scientific evidence to back of any of those claims, you don’t get to claim you discovered a cure.

Update 20 June 2020: FAI promoters claim that the results of human trials will be announced in Indonesia at a press conference in Jakarta. No record of any such trials is recorded in any database. Nothing has been said about double-blind, placebo controlled , peer-reviewed trial publication.  Dubious claims continue to circulate on social media alone.

Update 17 June: Oxford University has announced successful trials using dexamethasone, an ingredient in FAI, in hospitalised patients suffering severe respiratory distress. There was no benefit in those not suffering respiratory distress, so it has no curative or preventative action as proposed by the Fabunans. It therefore indicates that FAI is ineffective.

Update: 13 June 2020: One of the promoters of FAI has indocated that any clinical trials in Indonesia will not be submitted for peer-review in a recognised medical journal and the results will only be announced by press release in the Indonesian press. If so, it will indicate that the trial results are less than reliable and will be rejected by the medical community.

Update 21 September 2020: Despite claims made on social media there is still no evidence that FAI has been approved, or undergoing clinical trial, or being legally used anywhere.

: 8 June 2020. Social media posts claim that the Indonesian health authorities had agreed to conduct clinical trials on Fabunan Antiviral Injection. The claims appear only from know promoters of FAI. Despite the importance of such a move, if true, it remains unconfirmed by medical news and information outlets, the WHO database of ongoing Covid-19 measures, Indonesian media, Philippine media or any reliable source. Given the track record of misinformation by FAI promoters (Such as claims that the Philippine FDA had approved FAI), we catalogue the claim as dubious.Clinical trials must be registered, yet no such trial can be found on clinical trial databases such as  centerwatch.com or clinicaltrials.gov.Update: 31 May. Malacanang corrects false information regarding FAI.

Important update: 27 May: The Fabunan Medical Clinic has closed.

Update, 24 May, 2020: The Philippine FDA has issued a cease-and-desist order, DoH is ‘working up a case’ against Dr Willie Fabunan. Here for more information.

New information is emerging on the Fabunan claims which are now being verified. Updates will be made as these are checked.

Corrections of factual errors are welcome in the comments section, which is moderated.

Right now, things are little different from the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic which killed up.to 18 million people, according to some estimates. Many of the rumoured ‘cures’ have re-emerged in the Covid-19 crisis. You’ll find some familiar claims in this recording.

Now, as then, fake news and fake cures have appeare throughout social media, presenting serious hazards, as the International Consortium of Investigative Journalist reports.

In the US alone, thousands of fake products have been seized which claim to protect or cure Covid-19

The case of the Fabunan patented jollop raises a number of red-flags suggesting that a patented mixture of painkiller and a steroid for treating Covid-19, Fabunan Antiviral Injection, is, prehaps less than is claimed for it. It is not encouraging that development was led by an accupuncturist, Willie Fabunan.

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Miracle Cure For Covid-19 or Fabunan Fable? Part 4


Scientists around the world are urgently seeking solutions to two challenges: How to prevent people becoming infected with Covid-19 using a vaccine, and how to cure it or mitigate its effects on someone who has caught it. Within the past week two very promising efforts have been announced.

None of these trials involve Fabunan Antiviral Injection, FAI.

First, is a vaccine developed at Oxford University, which passed animal trials with flying colours ad is now moving into human trials.

The big news is that a medicine used for treating Ebola, Remdesivir, has passed human trials and appears to shorten the period of infection in severe cases from 15 days to around 8-10 days. Importantly, the trials used placebos to determine whether th effect was caused by the medicine or not.

Remdesivir received emergency approval within the past few days and can now be deployed.

On 29 April, the Philippine Department of Education issued a warning again regarding FAI, warning that Fabunan could be held liable for the use of an unapproved drug.

It is possible that the objective of using the political troll farm referred to in an earlier post is the use of political leverage to gain some form of political leverage to by-pass regulatory requirements. This seems unlikely since FAI approval has not been applied for.

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Miracle Cure For Covid-19 or Fabunan Fable? Part 3

It is not up.to the Food and Drug Administration to carry out clinical trials. That is up to the person or company which wants its drug to be approved.

Fabunan has yet to seek approval for Fabunan Antiviral Injection.

Curiously, the social media campaign appears to.be using a social media infrastructure connected to the present Philippines administration. The profiles of those promoting it are overwhelmingly pro-administration, with hashtags such as #FAI and #protectthepresident appearing in promotional posts.

Troll post with hashtags

Evidence of troll-farm involvement is the promotion of FAI on a website called Attracttour. A whois check shows that the site conceals its ownership behind a Panama company called Whoisguard. Prima facie evidence of troll farming.

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Miracle Cure For Covid-19 or Fabunan Fable? Part 2

In the wake of a Youtube troll campaign on 24 May, the Philippine FDA issued a cease-and-desist order against Fabunan Viral Injection and the Department of Health announced that it was assembling a case against Dr Willie Fabunan.

In the third week of April 2020, following a concerted science-free social media campaign on Facebook snd Youtube, the Philippine government ordered the Food And Drug administration to look into claims that Fabunan Antiviral Injection, FAI,cured Covid-19.

Facing the effort, largely promoted by supporters of the current president, is acupuncturist Willie Fabunan from Zambales. He has yet to present scientific evidence of the safety and effectiveness of FAI, nor offered peer-reviewed studies to justify his claims.

Public records show the inventor of FAI has been involved in two companies, both now defunct: Dr Shoe Box, registered in California, a company selling shoe covers for vehicle drivers of which he was president, and Fil-Am Tech Inc., a Nevada-registered company set up in 2001 to market his patented injections to third world countries.

Other than mentions in the Philippine press regarding dengue and HIV, there are few if any reports elsewhere mentioning Fil-Am Tech, Inc.

Although it is claimed to have ‘presented’ FAI at the XIX AIDS Conference its involvement seems to have been limited to hiring booth space in the conference exhibition and handing out brochures.

  Fil-Am Tech was headed by his daughter, Dr Farah Holmes with other positions held by family members.

In 2012, Fil-Am Tech says it was seeking partners or collaborators to carry out clinical trials. There are no public reports of any such arrangements and by the time the Nevada state authorities withdrew the company registration in late 2017, the company had failed to publish any clinical trial data in its entire existence of nearly two decades.

Fil-Am Tech is referenced in a number of Facebook posts despite no longer being registered and Ruben Fabunan has distanced himself from the Fabunan Medical Clinic. The company’s Facebook page is no longer available

The US is currently undergoing a Covid-19 crisis, FAI is patented in the US, Ruben Fabunan is a US resident. Curiously FAI is not being deployed in the US, where those making false medical claims can be prosecuted severely.

Let’s take a look at how real medicines are researched, validated, and approved.

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